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Fun Facts about Jasmine!


  • Everyone’s night routine is different. Jasmine uses an oversize band to pull my hair up in a loose puff and put a satin cap on, so in the morning all I have to do is shake my hair out

  • Jasmine only wash her hair once a week because believes in conditioning your hair more then anything. She conditions her hair everyday and co-wash it every 2 days.

  • Her daily hair routine consider of  wetting her hair, condition it with Aussie conditioner, rinsing her hair, and applying a leave-in conditioner and some oil to get it nice and soft. Then she styles it how she pleases because everyday she tries do different styles.

  • If jasmine could choose any natural hairstyle, it would a Mohawk because it looks nice her, but her go-to styles would a simple wash and go and putting her hair in a puff as shown below.

Photography and article by Kiaire Duclos (IG: @preciselykiphotos)