Daycation: $20 & A Dream


an hour & a half to drive there.

five hours of 'cation.

an hour & a half to drive back. 

eight hours total bliss. 



It's been a rough fall semester. It's been a challenge to focus on my schoolwork. It's been a challenge for me period.

But it's become easier to focus on God. It's been easier to hear him. It's been easier to love him.

I'm sure someone is scratching their head saying, "woah, that escalated quickly" or even "what does God have to do with a daycation?" But honestly, I've had one of the most challenging semesters YET. (But that's a story for another day and is actually titled: I Don't Give a Crap About College.") 

Nonetheless I had one of the most invigorating, spontaneous, and comforting experiences just by having only $20, an adventure, and lots of prayer. Personally I knew that I was overwhelmed and at my wits' end by the time finals came around last semester. But for whatever reason the thought of going to Chattanooga WOULD NOT leave my mind. 

Being the extremely conscious and overthinking person I am, I took into consideration everything from how many miles I'd be adding to my car to how the results of this election could effect an entire city. Yes, I admit, I am that person. I tend to overthink EVERYTHING. This causes so much fear that I had started slipping away from the person I once was. Fear has a funny way of controlling a person.

I kept wondering, WHY IN THE WORLD HAVE I BEEN SO FEARFUL IN THIS YEAR OF 2016? I'd been around more amazing people now than I had ever been in my entire LIFE. I had a chance to go to Ladies Who Brunch and here the AMAZING GIRL BOSS Myliek Teele speak? For. FREE. (This was one of my personal goals, that I accomplished)

I was surrounded by women who not only had multiple businesses but were giving me KNOWLEDGE on TOP of KNOWLEDGE. Yet, I was doing absolutely nothing to better myself or my life to get to where I wanted to go. 

That's when I realized that fear had  a way of getting to a person. Personally, fear is just the devil playing with me and I, a firm believer in the LORD, was allowing it. I realized that I had to break free from my fear. And it all came together when I took a simple risk to go to Chattanooga. 

Chynna and I actually went on this vigorous exploration because she is one of my most spontaneous and outgoing friends. She takes risks that I don't even think about taking. She sincerely motivates me. I appreciate her and all of her goodness! #GirlsSupportGirls

We spent the day exploring Chattanooga in all it's glory. From the high to the low ends of the city we found ourselves speaking to different people and discovering the vastness that Chattanooga has to offer. 

It was a great day trip! I recommend it to anyone who is broke and in a mental block. Sometimes you have to get away from the craziness going on around you and take a step back. 

5 Tips for a Daycation ANYWHERE:

  1. TIME & DISTANCE. Time is so important. If you stay close to a highway and have a direct route to the nearest city. GO EXPLORE. I would recommend a 200 mile maximum distance. It's extremely hard to not be tired from a long drive. If you will be the driver both there and back I would recommend no less than a 2 hour drive. You won't be able to enjoy the beauty, vibes, and excitement if you are tired. 

  2. DESTINATION. Some people would love to go on a visit to big city places. But personally, I love a city with a fantastic view/scenery and is fairly inexpensive. Those are the places that hold the key to my heart. Most of the locals are more down to earth and can tell you of cool places to explore that you maybe hadn't heard of prior.

  3. RESEARCH. Research the place before you go. It's very important to check out some amazing local blogs or local media that gives you the "Best in Town" reviews. I trust these more than anything. 

  4. BUDGET. I am personally BROKE. I do have a job but don't have money to go on regular vacations. But I do love doing things. We budgeted for gas. We both split the cost of gas and it helped that I already had half a tank left over from work. The key is FOOD. People spend so much on food. But I have a secret.

  5. FOOD. I eat out way more than I should. But when I do, I often time eat using a Groupon. While everyone else gets money and shoes for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, I ask specifically for gift cards. This year I was gifted a Groupon that comes in handy EVERY time I'm broke. I spent $10 in "groupon bucks" and paid for both of our meals. I always use my gift cards in emergency situations. 


 I will definitely be going back to Chattanooga. I also challenge YOU to stop being fearful. I've created my layer of fear and I plan to rip this layer off in the year 2017. I encourage you to do the same.

Keep Spreading Positivity,

Alexandria Johnson