College Hacks: Presentation Tools

Presentations that won't bore!

Are you tired of using the same bland templates such as Word and PowerPoint for assignments or projects? Well, The Positivity Brand will help change the way you present forever! As technology keeps advancing, visual aids are becoming more important. Just using these 2 websites can help you WOW your teacher, customers, or bosses!

1. Canva

Canva is my go-to website for graphics because you can make almost anything on here!

It lives up to it's title of being an "amazingly simple graphic design software." It is free to sign up and you do not even have to download it on your computer. All you need is an email or Facebook account and you can create free graphics for school, work or business. I use Canva to create beautiful flyers, banners and social media posts for both my job and The Positivity Brand, but you can create so much more. Check out all that Canva has to offer you.

I created this LinkedIn banner for my profile on Canva!

Pink Blue Big Type Script Graphic Designer General Linkedin Banner (1).png

2. Piktochart

 Explore Piktochart here!

Explore Piktochart here!

Piktochart is perfect for infographics and reports.

I recently came across this website when I needed to find a way to present information I gathered in a data analytics class that I was took. I knew a PowerPoint would bore my teacher and making a Prezi would be too much, especially if I am presenting on data and information. In any field of work there will be plenty of times when you have to present during a meeting or draft a report to your boss and it's up to you to make your presentation stand out and clear. Piktochart has beautiful slides, infographics, and handout templates to WOW anyone. Just like Canva, it is free to sign up as long as you have an email or a Facebook account.

A sample of an infographic I created for a final.

(SN: I passed that class with flying colors BTW!)


You don't have to be a wiz at Photoshop to make graphics or search through Word templates anymore.

These 2 two tools are all you need to stand out and take this year by storm!