#StarterKit Flawless Skin by Morgan Cymone


The Positivity Brand is proud to start a new summer skin series with MUA and Skin Care expert Morgan Cymone. She is a self-starter freelance MUA who's recent social media recommendations have CHANGED my skin. Follow her on Snapchat where she tests different products for those with different skin types.

Her recommendations have been integrated into my normal skin care routine and my skin is FLAWLESS this summer. I wear little to no makeup now and am so proud of my skin! 

Check out her recommendations below!

Cleanser: Cetaphil Gentle Skin ($10)

This is an awesome cleanser for any skin type but it's perfect for dry skin because it's lightweight and will thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin without irritating or drying it out. 

Exfoliator: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Scrub ($9)

I cannot stress enough how much this scrub is LIFE! It not only brightens your skin INSTANTLY, but after using it regularly you can truly see a difference in your skin. It will be be brighter and ten times more radiant. This product also helps so much with dullness and exfoliating is key for dry skin. You want to exfoliate the dead skin off your face so keep it smooth and prevent dry patches. Although this exfoliator doubles as a cleanser, I do recommend using this 2-3 days out of the week, and use your gentle cleanser the remaining days. This product is unreal paired with the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer and has easily become one of my skincare staples! 

Toner: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ($6)

Toning is extremely important in your skincare routine. Toning, in general, improves the appearance of your skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Apple cider vinegar is especially great because, 1. it's all natural and organic! Woohoo! That's only one of its many benefits. Apple cider vinegar has been known to lighten dark spots, improve skin's appearance to be very radiant and also shrink pores. A few of my personal favorite benefits of ACV is the fact that it maintains your skin's pH, which can easily be thrown off by something as simple as stress or your diet. It also maintains your sebum level. What's sebum!? Sebum is just your body's natural production of oil. Which can ALSO easily be thrown off. But, no fear! ACV will definitely save the day. This is a NEED in your everyday skincare routine. 

Blackhead Extractor: Bioré Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($7)

Beauty is pain right? I'm sure you all know the trendy, but painful, nose strips that have recently surfaced the internet! While it is not the only way to extract blackheads, it is TRULY one of my favorites. Something about being able to see your blackheads being removed from your nose is sooooo satisfying! This is one of the most effective ways that I have removed blackheads and unclogged my pores. 

Face Mask: Freeman's Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask ($5)

reeman's face masks are honestly some of the BEST face masks I've ever used, let alone drugstore face masks! They have a TON of different masks that target all kinds of different skin troubles. The Freeman's Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask is one of my personal favorites and first face mask recommendations because it caters to just about everyone! The avocado is going to deeply nourish and moisturize your skin while oatmeal is going to be calming and soothing, especially for sensitive and dry skin. And, I love me a good clay mask. Clay masks have great purifying and clarifying properties that completely unclog pores and leave the skin feel squeaky clean! They're especially great for acne prone and oil skin. What more could you ask for out of ONE mask?! 

If you've made it this far......... YOUR SKIN IS GOING TO BE POPPIN'! But, no seriously... we're almost done! Are you glowing yet?!


Serum/Oil: Burt's Bee's Complete Nourishment Facial Oil with Rosehip Seed Extract ($20)

Talk about magic? Rosehip oil is one of the most beneficial oils you could use. Due to its ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin and it being jam packed FULL of vitamins A and C, it possesses anti-aging properties thanks to your vitamin A and boosts the immune system as well as help treat infections thanks to that good ole' vitamin C. Two vitamins that are actually KEY to healthy, radiant skin. I know a lot of people with oily skin are very scared to apply any oils or serums to their face because of their already oily skin but you are NOT EXCLUDED! Oily skin is only your body's lack of sebum production (refer to toner paragraph for a better understating of sebum) so it basically freaks out and results in overproduction of oil. Your skin still needs to be thoroughly moisturized no matter what skin type. This is also a favorite oil of mine, simply because it absorbs well, it's not too heavy and doesn't promote acne breakouts. *PRO TIP: mix a few drops of your rosehip oil to your foundation and it will give you a glowy, dewy finish. 

Moisturizer: Aveeno Positively Radiant ($12)

Often times, when you have dry skin, dullness is a side effect. I love and swear by this moisturizer simply because it's the perfect dry skin "pick me up" and blurs any acne breakouts or scarring! It instantly brightens my skin and also has SPF 15, which is great. It has a very light scent as well as weightless formula. This is perfect and mild enough for everyday, but effective. LOVE. 

Budget: $$

Quality: Best drugstore products (a few are dermatologist recommended)

Results: 1-2 weeks


There you have it! A beginners list of my absolute FAVORITE skincare products for the perfect summer skin! These products combined will give you bright, radiant, glowing skin that will have you saying "what foundation?" Trust me! I'm hoping this was a great beginner's guide to clear skin and if you want the TEA on other skincare routines or products, let a sista know!


Morgan Cymone