Relationships in College + Mental Health

 Based off Information Provided by the University. 

Based off Information Provided by the University. 

After doing a project about the effects of stress on college students, the Assistant Dean and Director of the Psychological Center at my University informed me that students seek out psychological help because of Stress, Depression, Substance Abuse, Grief, and the top reason: RELATIONSHIPS.

This came off as a shock to me. Relationships are such a huge part of some people's college experiences. For me personally, I had been in different relationships since I've started college. It had taken me on an emotional roller coaster, that I surprisingly handled well but some people can't handle certain things. I have personally witnessed or have heard of negative relationships that can bring out negative mental effects on both males and females. The situationships, the cheating, the lying, breaking up etc... can really cause depression, withdrawal, seclusion, breakdowns, and so many other things. 

College is such a temporary yet IMPORTANT part of many people's lives. Most people are in college from 4-6 years. So for four to six years, many of us are only focusing on school and our personal relationships. These personal relationships don't always have to be romantic, friendships are extremely important and can have the same effects. 

The most important thing I've personally learned from a females perspective is the way inconsistent relationships can mess up the mental stability of a woman. 

After so much research and personal conversations with both females and males, I've learned that relationships can sincerely F*** with you Mental. Regardless of the age, it can come with so many different things. 

I've heard everything from loss of confidence to development of depression. When you spend so much energy and emotions on a person, you find it hard to develop and maintain relationships with people you love. You lose friendships, which are extremely hard to have in college. 

Do your research on figuring out ways to help, educate, and avoid certain situations. There are so many groups, centers, and resources on campus that can help you through any difficult "situationship" or unhealthy relationship.

Seek help so you can continue spreading light and positivity,

Alexandria Johnson