is getting your education worth it?

 Source: MySPACE (Aye)

Source: MySPACE (Aye)

Jay-Z, one of the most prominent rappers/moguls in Hip-Hop today. He's got 99 problems and a DEGREE AIN'T ONE. 

Success is so heavily stereotyped as being a college grad. I for one believed that college was the most important thing up until I actually got there. I lived for getting all A's. Ever since I could remember I was EXTREMELY hard on myself growing up. I tried to be the best that I could be at all things related to academics. It was always my top focus. That caused me to sort of not care about other things I was involved with as much because school was always first (and I was involved in literally EVERYTHING).

My parents instilled in me: the opportunities I'd be granted, the connections I'd make, and the money I'd get to ultimately make and spend if I went to school. These ideas that were placed in my head definitely didn't give me any opportunity to think beyond college so ultimately I applied to school the second I could. I just saw it as a thing I HAD to do to get to the next step. I saw it as an opportunity to complete something my parents never got a chance to finish. I knew it would make them extremely proud of me. 

Thinking back, that's how I always looked at almost everything in life. I was always one step ahead of my feelings and actions. By that I mean, I never had ANY feelings toward things because I never gave myself enough time to critically think about what was best for me. What was the right move for me. What was the best way to develop myself. I NEVER EVER thought about that. Which in a sense made me not put myself first. 

I'd always been a good student. I never had to try too hard at things to get an A. College came extremely easy for me. I made sure I'd taken some difficult classes (AP) in high school in order to make a smooth transition into college. My Freshman year I had a 4.0 GPA. But I realized quickly, it didn't mean a thing. 

I was not at an Ivy. I didn't even apply to more than 1 school. I had my mind made up on the University I'd go to and everything. I made no second guesses on life beyond college (my biggest weakness). I didn't analyze how school would impact me, how I could be bettering myself, ANYTHING. 

"In a sense I settled." 

I settled because I didn't think for myself. 

I settled because I didn't think I had any potential to do anything other than school.

I settled because I didn't think I was capable of anything beyond myself. 

But with all that said, I'd like to say.  I really don't think college is all its cracked up to be. Not every smart person needs to go to college. BE SURE TO think for yourself before college. 

and never, ever SETTLE. 

Personally, I am extremely excited to receive my degree. But I do wish I had taken more thought and time to think about what I was getting myself into. Now I have only a few more classes until I graduate. So I will complete my degreee, but I definitely encourage parents, friends, families, and most importantly YOU to analyze EVERYTHING before making a big decision such as going to college. 

This post is not meant to discourage anyone from going to college but to inspire people to think beyond what others want you to do and focus on what's meant for you. 

Think about your goals and dreams. Then think about if college will really fall seamlessly into your purpose in life. 


Alexandria Johnson